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Children weekly
 30 min lesson

A$ 45

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Adult weekly
45 min lessons

A$ 64

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Learn to speak the language of music

There are no shortcuts to learning to speak the language of music. We all need to practice many hours to hone our skills and express ourselves through music in meaningful ways. I encourage you to dedicate time to your instrument and I promise you that the road ahead will be creative, fun and paved with many wonderful suprises.

Express yourself through music

In my piano lessons we will develop these skills:

  • You will play the songs you want to play
  • Learn to play by ear
  • Learn to improvise and compose
  • Learn to sing while playing piano
  • Practice sight reading
  • Learn to play songs from lead sheets
  • Learn to self-reflect on your performance

In my lessons, I strive to assist my students in exploring all aspects of music.

  • We learn the basics of music theory and then explore each theoretical concept through various improvisation exercises.
  • We talk about the history of music, how to recognize the characteristics of each musical era.
  • We learn about the language of music, we analyze compositions that we play. Together we guess what the composer wanted to say with a particular piece, we talk about what makes a piece balanced. We talk about the elements of music, what happens when we change one, and how they intertwine.
  • We take time to listen to different interpretations of the same piece, discussing how do they differ and why we like one better than another. We discuss what to look for in an interpretation, how to analyze it.
  • Once a student has learned the piece, we record it, listen to it, and think together about how we can improve the piece. We set the next practice goal together.
  • We also use the recordings for improvisations, and reflect on how we speak the language of music, what we are aiming for and what we might achieve in our next attempt.
  • I consider it my responsibility to expose my students to quality musical literature, whether classical masterworks or beautiful traditional songs from different cultures. We learn to play the melody with simple accompaniment.

Would you like to know more about how I teach ?

If you have a fast internet connection and access to a webcam, you can schedule an individual or weekly lessons. I use the Zoom application to teach piano online. 

It is never too late to start playing piano.

What my students say about my lessons.

Inspiring piano lessons for children.

 "Ana's lessons are inspired and artistic!!" 

Lina A.
10 year old student

 "My daughter connected with Ana instantly on the first video call. She enjoys her lessons and is so proud of herself as she learned many songs in only a few months. I love listening how they are playing, singing and laughing. It’s amazing to see how learning a piano can be so playful and yet successful. Ana’s approach is incredible. I sincerely recommend her." 

Simona F.
mother of a 7 year old student

Simona Frumen

We are so appreciative to have found Ana at My Piano Course! Our daughter 11 years of age has been enjoying incredible piano lessons with Ana for 12 months now. We started Ana’s online lessons during the school holidays because our regular teacher takes a break at that time. Our daughter’s piano skills improved so much we have continued and will do so every week into the future! Ana is remarkable in the way she engages our daughter online. She is highly creative and patient. We love listening to her approach as they play tunes and Ana encourages our girl to sing along which is quite a skill she has developed. Ana breaks up each lesson using sheet music, playing by ear and encourages improvisation. Our daughter is also involved in musical theatre and Ana has been an amazing coach helping her perfect her songs for performances on request. Ana goes out of her way to help Caroline creating arrangements and emailing them to us on a regular basis. We highly recommend Ana and My Piano course to you wherever in the world you live. Our daughter says “she’s the best piano teacher ever!” You have to be pretty cool for an 11 year old to say that! Ana is cool and inspires discipline in practice as well! 👏👏

Kym McGregor
mother of a 11 year old student

Our experience with Ana has been just wonderful -- she combines an excellent foundation in technical and musical training with a personalized touch that has our daughter looking forward to her lessons very much. Ana has the ability to provide a structured curriculum while also allowing our daughter to pursue her musical interests. She does not just teach piano, she teaches music (and love for music), providing ear training and theory lessons alongside piano skills. This all happens organically, following the interest and skill level of the student. Ana has extensive training in music history and theory which helps her bring the instrument and the music to life. She also has an excellent technical set up for distance teaching -- this has worked much better for us than in-person lessons, and is very convenient. What works out so nicely is the combination of the structured approach which introduces the student to some of the classics, while also allowing freedom to learn pieces of interest to them. Ana loves to hear what music the student would like to learn and creates arrangements appropriate to their skill level. This has been invaluable to our daughter who has been delighted in learning how to play some of the music she loves. We have had several piano teachers over the years, and Ana is by far the best - both in terms of technical training and in terms of our daughter's enjoyment level. Ana is passionate in her teaching, she cares, and she gives, and she encourages. She creates a relationship with her students, and gives invaluable feedback. Pure magic. We truly recommend her. We just love her and are so grateful for her teaching.

Zala Volcic
mother of a 11 year old student

I very highly recommend Ana for all sorts of reasons. I am kind of old school and would never have thought that learning piano online was something one could benefit from or should do, except in extraordinary circumstances, like with the pandemic. Ana came highly recommended by a very good friend of mine and despite my skepticism, I contacted her. She has been teaching my daughter (13) for more than a year now and I have only great things to say about Ana. First, she is an amazingly talented pianist herself and unlike most talented pianists, she takes real pleasure in teaching kids and she is amazingly good at it. What I appreciate most about Ana is how she adapts to the kid she has in front of her. My daughter has been taking piano lessons for many years and never did she enjoy her piano lessons like she does today with Ana. Moreover, her progress is noticeable. She reads and plays with pleasure. This is amazing considering that she was about to drop playing piano altogether. Ana is extremely patient, flexible, but also rigorous in her teaching. My daughter was never good with traditional teaching; she has a great ear but would lose interest in her lessons because of the strict expectations of her teachers. The latter only expected her to learn their way. Ana realized that and works diligently with her to have her work in a variety of ways and make her appreciate and work on classical pieces but also work on pieces that my daughter likes, including songs she plays at home. And one more thing, my daughter loves Ana. She is now interested in everything about Slovenia... She really wanted to meet her in person during our winter break but unfortunately, we could not make it happen. Maybe next time!!

Fazia Aitel
mother of a 13 year old student