It is never too late to start playing piano.
Wake up your creative genius and express yourself through music!

Did you know that there is a step-by-step process to learning how to improvise? You will learn how to express yourself through improvisation and how to make your own music. 

Ana Voncina teacher at My Piano Course

My goal is to help you create a life-long bond with music, to be playful in your music making, to introduce you to inspiring new pieces and encourage you to improvise, to compose, and to find your own musical voice.

dr. Ana Voncina  

Since every student is unique, I tailor my lessons to the needs, goals, personality and musical taste of each individual. In my piano lessons the path to musical freedom is paved with your favourite songs, inspiring repertoire, improvisation games and fun activities in different musical styles.

I make sure that each lesson is balanced, that each lesson covers three areas:

piano technique
and music theory

the work on the selected songs

creative activities: composing, arranging and improvising

You will have your own online music diary with a detailed practice plan, lesson material and video recaps of your lesson. In this way the lessons remain structured, but flexible, allowing me to integrate the basic musical concepts, sight-reading and ear-training in each lesson differently, according to your needs.  

What will you discover in your piano course?

Any song can be rearranged into a simple melody with chords and broken down into bite-sized pieces. I will prepare either a video or a score with a notation that has added notenames. Paired with clear practice instructions, you will be well prepared to improve and master the piece.

Child playing piano.

Step-by-step curriculum.

With so much to explore, create and learn, you can quickly feel overwhelmed. I will guide you towards shortest path to musical freedom. With a custom tailored practice routine you will always know what you need to practice.

Learn piano with the songs you love.

Love playing piano.

I will prepare piano arrangements suited to your level. We will divide them to smaller sections, talk about their structure, theory and compositional background.

Learn from home, at any time, and help determine how your learning journey should look like. You can track your progress through online tools, such as practice journal, quizzes and games. I will provide constant review and feedback.

Learn at your own pace.

Coffe on the piano - learn at your own pace.

I invite you to join me on a journey to learn how to improvise and express yourself through music.
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