Major and minor chords

Learn to construct and practice major and minor triads with their inversions. Practice along the video until you play them fluently.

I suppose you are serious about learning piano and want to build a solid understanding of music harmony. In that case, you should include practising major and minor chords and their inversions in your daily practice routine.

Take this free course and learn how to memorize all major and minor chords on the piano. I will also show you a simple trick that helps my students to memorize the chords in all tonalities quickly. However, it is not enough to simply memorize the chords in their basic position. If you want to move smoothly between chords, you have to practice chord inversions, and this will open up freedom to play along millions of pop songs.

Print out a chord chart in which chords are divided into groups according to their shape.  

Practice playing chords and their inversions along with the video until you play them fluently.  

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Ana VonĨina

I am a piano teacher and a musicologist. My research and educational work is focused on the use of music improvisation as a means to express oneself as well as a creative teaching tool. I absolutely adore music, listening to it, playing it, singing, thinking about it - it plays an important role in my life. Every day music lifts me up, it has power to calm me in difficult moments and connect me to the deepest parts of my soul. I would love to share with you what I know and how I practice improvising. Being able to let go, follow the melodies that I hear in my mind and express myself through my music-making is one of the things I am most grateful for and I would love to show you thay anyone can do it too. 

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