Carol of the Bells

This Christmas eve, paint a mystical atmosphere with this easy arrangement and discover the charms of improvisational music-making. LEVEL 1

What will you learn?

You will learn how to play "Carol of the Bells" and take your first steps in piano improvisation. We won't spend much time to talk about the music theory or technique - the purpose of this course is foremost to learn how to play this song and improvise upont it. I made this course with beginners in mind so we will progress slowly and repeat sections several times.

This course has two parts:  
- the first part of the course is meant to help you learn the song in a slow pace.
- the second part of the course is there to stir your imagination and improvise.

We will break down the song into smaller sections. Each video covers one section and I suggest you follow along and play with me. Each section is repeated 3 times at a slow tempo: first you will learn the melody, then the left hand, then both hands playing together. As we will play the pieces I will point out any important fingering changes and I will talk about how to practice challenging parts such as jumps and difficult passages. In some cases I might also show you a simplified variation of accompaniment.

Sheet music is included.

*Requirements: It would be good if you understood the basics of piano, the naming of the notes and rhythm.  

Course Curriculum

Ana Vončina

I am a piano teacher and a musicologist. My research and educational work is focused on the use of music improvisation as a means to express oneself as well as a creative teaching tool. I absolutely adore music, listening to it, playing it, singing, thinking about it - it plays an important role in my life. Every day music lifts me up, it has power to calm me in difficult moments and connect me to the deepest parts of my soul. I would love to share with you what I know and how I practice improvising. Being able to let go, follow the melodies that I hear in my mind and express myself through my music-making is one of the things I am most grateful for and I would love to show you thay anyone can do it too. 

Course Pricing