Mitt hjerte alltid vanker - piano arrangement for beginners

Learn to play this enchanting old Scandinavian Christmas song - the arrangement is a transcription of the song as played by Bugge Wesseltoft.

Music is such a universal language - and for me, one of the most magical things is hearing someone play who is able to translate their own unique moments into music and let you hear the “aliveness of their inner musical world”. Mitt hjerte alltid vanker is a gentle Scandinavian Christmas song. I adore its atmosphere, it transports me to another time, filled with peace. I can easily imagine the melody being whispered by the breeze on a quiet winter night. Bugge Wesseltoft is a Norwegian pianist who is a master at capturing such intimate, inspiring moments in music and this arrangement, which you can download below, follows his interpretation. Take a listen to his Christmas album It's Snowing on My Piano, where you will also hear his version of Mitt hjerte alltid vanker. 

Follow this link to download and print the sheet music. 

Isn't it beyond beautiful that music can completely change us and call us to another dimension, beyond words? I invite you to try improvising over the D-Dorian mode (white keys from D the next D). Take your time, be a detective and explore your piano, follow the melodies that arise and make music freely, enjoy the process of discovering new combinations of sounds.