La vie en rose

Learn to play one of the timeless French songs, La vie en rose, made famous by Edith Piaf.

La vie en rose is one of my favourite French ballads. It is arranged for intermediate student, but with a notation with written note names inside the noteheads. 

* I have received many messages and comments for this song on YouTube and via email, and if yours is among them, I would like to thank you! They made me smile :) I appreciate your thoughts, compliments and suggestions. I have written this piece in 3/4 to simplify it as much as I can, but I forgot to add a note that the eight notes are not to be performed equally or as “straight eights” (as they’re called in jazz terminology), but in a swinging manner, with a subtle syncopation. Here is a notated example of what I mean:

The second and third examples show you how the phrase should sound if we perform it with swung eight notes. I speak about different phrasing with my students, and they finally decide on their own interpretation. After reading your comments and suggestions, I rewrote the piece in 12/8 to notate it correctly, as I play it on YouTube video.

I recorded a slow tutorial, where I play the piece in a slow tempo. You can practice along with the video and replay each section until you master it. In the second part of the mini course, I’m showing a couple of improvisational exercises to give you an idea how to improvise an introduction. I would love to share my passion for improvising and show you that it’s an easy, fun, and very rewarding way to make music.

Click here to follow to the minicourse "La Vie en Rose", I am offering it for 7$. 

You can download the free sheet music here.

I hope you enjoy it. 

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